ASAM Criteria

From building foundational concepts to testing your knowledge, the ASAM Criteria educational offerings have been utilized and required in at least 30 different states.

About These Courses

The ASAM Criteria is the most widely used and extensive set of clinical standards for initial placement, continued stay, and transfer or discharge of patients with addiction and co-occurring conditions. Originating from a collaborative initiative in the 1980s, The ASAM Criteria was developed to define one national set of criteria for providing outcome-oriented and evidenced-based care in the treatment of addiction. 

Ten years since the 3rd Edition ASAM Criteria was published, ASAM released the 4th Edition in October 2023. Different states and payers are implementing the 4th Edition at different rates, and different jurisdictions may currently be implementing older versions of The ASAM Criteria Textbooks. There are some significant changes in the 4th Edition, although the essential concepts from the 3rd Edition have not changed and still provide a fundamental basis for the assessment and continuing care for individuals with addictive, substance-related, and co-occurring conditions.  
To accommodate the over 30 states that require The ASAM Criteria, ASAM will be offering both 3rd and 4th Edition Criteria training throughout 2024. Please contact your state representatives to determine which version of The ASAM Criteria is being implemented.  

Where to Start
  • Foundations Course: New to The ASAM Criteria? Your journey begins with this comprehensive and competency-based online course. This self-paced course is offered in an 8-hour 3rd edition format and a 4-hour 4th edition format.  
  • 3rd Edition Skill-Building Course: Looking to practice skills and further your knowledge in the 3rd Edition Criteria after taking the Foundations course? Next step on your journey is this 8-hour course live/live-virtual course. 
  • 3rd Edition Criteria 2-Day Course: This 16-hour, two-day course is a combination of the ASAM 3rd Edition Criteria Foundations Course and the ASAM 3rd Edition Criteria Skill-Building Course. Courses are offered together on a quarterly basis in a live-virtual format. 
  • Payer/Utilization Management Course: This online course helps managed care payers develop a holistic understanding of The ASAM Criteria as it applies to their unique role. This course is offered in the 3rd Edition and the 4th Edition training will be available in May 2024. 
  • 3rd Edition Criteria Clinical Case Scenarios: This online module provides clinical case scenarios for both providers and payers to test their understanding of The ASAM Criteria
  • 3rd Edition Levels of Care Certification: Certify your treatment program’s ability to deliver a specific level of care. 
  • Resources: Explore webinars, session recordings, provider tools and more. 

3rd Edition Online Courses

4th Edition Online Courses