ASAM Pain & Addiction

Treating patients who fall in the grey area between pain and addiction can be particularly challenging for health care providers. To address this, ASAM has developed educational activities which provide content for all provider experience levels: introductory, intermediate, and advanced. The activities utilize a variety of learning modalities including on-demand 24/7 recordings and self-paced formats, as well as live courses that are offered virtually and in-person.

Introductory - Essentials Online Modules

Explore self-paced, online modules that cover the foundations of pain and addiction.

Intermediate - Applied Skills Workshop

Register for this intermediate virtual workshop designed to increase learners' applied skills in treating pain and addiction.

Advanced - Common Threads Course

Explore this advanced live and on-demand course designed to increase learners' understanding of complex topics in pain and addiction.


Explore resources from the project "Partnering for Better Chronic Pain Management and Safer Opioid Use: A Knowledge Hub for People With Disability and Their Providers".