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DEA Education Requirements

On June 27, 2023, a new, one-time requirement will go into effect for all DEA prescribers to complete 8 hours of education on the treatment or management of patients with OUD or SUD. ASAM offers a wide variety of education that meets this requirement.

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The ASAM Criteria 4th Edition

This 4-hour online course is designed to help healthcare professionals develop patient-centered service plans and make objective decisions during the Level of Care Assessment and Treatment Planning Assessment.

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Advanced Buprenorphine Education

This one-hour online course is tailored to provide healthcare providers with advanced knowledge and skills in buprenorphine use, with a primary focus on best practices and emerging evidence in treatment initiation, management, and dosing.

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Signature Activities

Discover the educational activities that make ASAM the leading source of addiction medicine education. This includes Annual Conference, Review Course, Fundamentals of Addiction Medicine and MORE!

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Explore A-Z

This index allows you to quickly search the entire ASAM education library. Search by topic, level, credit type and more.

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