Fundamentals of Addiction Medicine

Learn the basics of addiction, which covers how to screen, diagnose, treat and/or refer patients with addiction.

About the Fundamentals

Addiction as a disease continues to cost the global community a staggering amount both financially and in lives lost, but there are treatments available to help patients. These educational activities will help healthcare providers with little prior training in addiction, build the skills and confidence needed to support their patients. Through interactive, case-based learning activities you will get to practice recognizing, screening, treating, and referring patients with addiction. Explore the offerings below to find content that addresses your learning needs and fits in your busy schedule.

Where to Start

  • 8-Hour Workshop: New to Addiction Medicine? Your journey begins with this interactive, comprehensive, and competency-based 8-hour workshop (offered live virtually and on-demand).
  • Resources: Need something else? Explore webinars, session recordings, provider tools and more.

Popular Courses

Fundamentals Overview Module
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