Ready… Set…. Grow!

Take advantage of online education focusing on improving the care and treatment of people with the disease of addiction.

Step-by-Step Instructions for ASAM's e-Learning Center!

  1. Log Into This Site with your user ASAM Online username and password. ASAM Members (past and present), ASAM conference/course attendees, and old e-Live Learning Center users already have usernames and passwords.

     If you signed up prior to October 2020, this is your email address (if you have multiple email addresses, please use the one you used when you signed up for ASAM membership/an ASAM Course). If you signed up after that, your username is whatever you chose it to be (and is not necessarily your email address).

    If you are brand new to ASAM and need to create an account, Click Here to go to our ASAM login page and follow the instructions to create an ASAM Online account.
  2. Update your "Interest Categories" in your Profile. Doing so will ensure that your "Recommended for You" page will populate content that interests you.
  3. Browse the "Education Catalog" to see ASAM's online content and register for online education that interests you.
  4. Register for as many online courses and sessions as you'd like. All of the items you have registered for will be found in your "Dashboard" page.

  5. Find the Credits you've earned on your Transcript page which can be accessed through your Dashboard.

  6. Enjoy!