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From building foundational concepts to testing your knowledge, the ASAM Criteria educational offerings have been utilized and required in at least 30 different states.

About this Course

ASAM Criteria 2-Day Course

This two-day course includes the ASAM Criteria One-Day Foundations Course and the ASAM Criteria Skill-Building Course at a discounted rate. Each course provides the tools to understand and utilize the principles of the ASAM Criteria with the utmost care and evidence-based practice. 

What's Included

Day 1: ASAM Criteria One-Day Foundations Course
This 8-hour virtual live course is a practical training designed to help develop patient centered service plans and make objective decisions about patient admission, continuing care, and transfer or discharge for individuals with addictive, substance-related, and co-occurring conditions. This course uses didactic lecture and case-based studies to deliver content.

Day 2: ASAM Criteria Skill-Building Course
This 8-hour virtual live course expands on the content discussed within the ASAM Criteria One-Day Foundations course. It is recommended attendees successfully complete the One-Day Foundations course before beginning this course. The course provides an in-depth understanding of developing individualized treatment plans, evaluating initial reviews, and continued stay reviews, progress versus non-progress in treatment, and determining when it is appropriate to initiate care and transfer or discharge of a patient from treatment. 

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