ASAM Criteria

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About this Course

ASAM Criteria Skill Building Course

This 8-hour virtual live course expands on the content discussed within the ASAM Criteria One-Day Foundations course. It is recommended that attendees successfully complete the One-Day Foundations course before beginning this course. The course provides an in-depth understanding of developing individualized treatment plans, evaluating initial reviews, and continued stay reviews, progress versus non-progress in treatment, and determining when it is appropriate to initiate care and transfer or discharge of a patient from treatment.  

What You'll Learn

After taking this course, learners will be able to:

  1. Examine the guiding principles of the ASAM Criteria and the payer’s role in its system-wide implementation
  2. Evaluate patient risk ratings across the six dimensions based on imminent danger and immediate needs, as defined in the ASAM Criteria
  3. Evaluate treatment plans and clinical assessments to determine if the requested level of care is appropriate in accordance with the ASAM Criteria
  4. Conduct objective, comprehensive clinical case reviews (and re-reviews) based on the ASAM Criteria to drive ongoing evidence-based care
  5. Implement a collaborative process between treatment providers and payers using common terminology of the ASAM Criteria to ensure patient-centered care
  6. Examine implementation challenges and develop strategies to provide appropriate treatment for patients with SUDs
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