Addressing Addiction Issues Among Veterans

View this webinar recording to gain insight into specific veteran issues within the context of addiction treatment. Understand the role physicians and other medical professionals can play to better serve this special population. The webinar will examine specific tools and resources for clinicians treating patients with substance use disorders, and is targeted toward clinicians, physicians, academicians, and other addiction medicine professionals who regularly interact with veterans. 

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Learning Objectives

• Explain the impact of the opioid epidemic on the veteran population 
• Describe the unique issues veterans may encounter during treatment 
• Appraise which treatment tools are available and appropriate for the veteran population 
• Discern comorbidities within the veteran population and specific tools to treat co-occurring substance use disorders 
• Grasp a veteran's perspective on treatment of substance use disorders 
• Recognize the role of trauma and pain and the implications for treating and screening a veteran for substance use disorder 


  • Ismene Leonida Petrakis, MD
  • Raye Z Litten, PhD
  • Anthony P. Albanese, MD, DFASAM