Twelve Step Programs as a Vehicle to Recovery - Fundamentals (1 Credit)

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There is no doubt that 12-step programs have benefited millions of people with the disease of addiction around the world. It is imperative that every addiction specialist be familiar with the basic precepts of this recovery model so that he/she might make appropriate referrals to this mutual support network. There is a growing body of literature that supports the use of the 12 steps for recovery from substance use disorder as well as behavioral addictions. With the new definition of addiction from ASAM including the fact that addiction is a biopsychosocial spiritual disease, it is imperative for clinicians working in the field of addiction to become adept at referral to these programs as well as understanding the basic concepts involved in twelve step recovery. Via a “mock" 12-step meeting, these programs will be demonstrated and the principles that underlie the experience will be explored by the faculty with participants. Ample time will be provided to discuss and respond to questions from the audience.

Learning Objectives

  1. List the key elements necessary to understand and impart the importance of the 12 steps.
  2. Describe a 12-step experience and then demonstrate understanding and proficiency with basic concepts of this recovery process.
  3. Define barriers to participation in 12-step programs and create strategies to overcome those obstacles.


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Open to view video. 60 Minutes
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Up to 1.00 medical credits available  |  Certificate available