The ASAM State of the Art Course in Addiction Medicine 2016

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The ASAM State of the Art Course in Addiction Medicine 2016 course video recordings.

This course is designed specifically for physicians and health care professionals seeking an advanced level of knowledge about breakthroughs in the field and will include:

  • Presentations focused on scientific advances and emerging evidence in addiction medicine
  • Sessions organized around ten topics that translate into clinically useful knowledge
  • Special addresses by directors of federal agencies including SAMHSA, NIDA, NIAAA
  • Concise presentations delving into understanding, preventing, diagnosing and treating addiction and co-occurring medical and psychiatric disorders

At the conclusion of the course, participants should be able to:

  1. Review the latest epidemiology and prescribing guidelines for opioids and treatment approaches for Opioid Use Disorder
  2. Discuss the latest trends in marijuana legislation, policy, testing, synthetic cannabinoids and implications for practice
  3. Review best practice guidelines for management of Opioid Use Disorder and management of the pregnant substance user
  4. Understand changes in healthcare delivery resulting from the Affordable Care Act and electronic health records implementation
  5. Review clinical management of medical and psychiatric comorbidities seen in patients with substance use disorders
  6. Describe brain imaging technologies and how these are changing the view of the addicted brain
  7. Describe new pharmacotherapies for alcohol and opioid use disorders

Who should attend:

  • Addiction medicine specialists who are interested in the latest research in the field and its translation to clinical practice
  • Physicians and other health care professionals who seek an advanced level of knowledge of addiction medicine
  • Primary care clinicians who manage patients with addiction in their practice
  • Scientists, researchers, public health officials and advocates dedicated to the field of addiction medicine