Session 3: Implications of Expanded Cannabis Access (2 CME)

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Session 3 examines several topics in the field of cannabinoids and cannabis access. This will involve presentations on the epidemiology of cannabis use and cannabis use disorder, followed by an update on cannabis decriminalization, legalization, and use of “medical marijuana” and current laws. Then we will dive into routes of administration, detailed information on “synthetic marijuana,” and the use and consequences thereof. The presentations will describe the consequences of expanded marijuana access in terms of adolescent use, traffic accidents, and marijuana testing in the workplace in states with and without legalization as emerging issues.

Deborah S. Hasin, PhD, D. Faye Caldwell, JD, Ryan G. Vandrey, PhD, and Michael H. Baumann, PhDbring their years of experience and expertise to deliver an exceptional presentation covering the following:  Epidemiology of Cannabis Use and Cannabis Use Disorder, Reefer Madness? Update on Cannabis Laws and "Medical Marijuana", Routes of Marijuana Administration and Testing, and Biological Effects of Synthetic Cannabinoid Drugs Found in the Street Drug Marketplace.


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